La Rose Restaurant in Karlsruhe, Germany

The wonderful La Rose.
The wonderful La Rose.

La Rose is a tiny Syrian restaurant tucked away in the back strassers of Karlsruhe, Germany. I think it warrants a review because to my Australian expat tastes, it provides some of the finest food I have eaten whilst living in Germany. There may be some cultural bias here. I am from Melbourne in Australia, a place renown for the freshness and excellence of its food and coffee. Plus, my husband and I have been on a healthy eating program since 1 January 2016 (yes, it was a New Year’s resolution) so we need real, low carb food.

There is a small menu in La Rose which offers standard tellers and kebabs. I usually order the Felafel Teller, and because I am trying not to eat carbohydrates, I ask for a special favour of having it with chicken instead of felafel. I don’t know how many Syrian people  you have met, but the Syrians I have met in Germany often speak fluent English. I have no idea why. It’s wonderful for me, because in regional Germany not many people speak English. This is because it is Germany, and they really should not be expected to. I should speak more German than the halting amount I do.


Fresh and healthy at La Rose.
Fresh and healthy at La Rose.

I digress. My lunch comes out and consists of this:

  • A pile of finely sliced lettuce, tomato, chopped radishes and parsley. All super fresh.
  • Cooked chicken.
  • ‘Creamy’ hummus.
  • Finely sliced fried eggplant.
  • Fried cauliflower with a lemon tang.
  • Green paprika pickles.
  • It also comes with a pita bread, which I decline.

Now, I know some strictly healthy people will not fancy the fried part of this meal. But I am OK about some eating healthy fats. In fact, I have just finished reading Dr David Pearlmutter’s “Grain Brain” and firmly believe that fats are not only OK for us but downright good for our brain health. Who knew that after all these years of eating and drinking low fat, finally it is OK to consume full cream and healthy fats once more.

The food is fresh, wonderful and full of flavour. If you are English speaking, you may find you feel right at home. La Rose an be found on Facebook:



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