An Australian Alien in Italy.

I’m an Australian expat living in Germany. When I lived in Australia I did industrious things like obtain two degrees from the University of Western Australia and work as a Social Worker. Now that I am in Germany I come under the Department of Aliens within the German government, because I do not hold an European Passport. So I am an alien. My brother and sister will tell you that this is not surprising to them. Even I took this news with some equanimity. But Mum, I am sure, will be a little disconcerted.

So life is different now, in a good way. I cannot be so industrious. Instead, I have to look around and smell the roses, so to speak. I have travelled to fascinating places, eaten glorious food and met interesting people.I have been here nearly two years and I have to say, I love Germany, its people and its culture.

In Australia I wrote. A lot. I wrote risk assessments, outcome analysis reports, court reports, memos and grants submissions. And although that writing was not creative, people seemed to like it. Magistrates complimented me on my court reports, government officials told me they actually read my reports and funding bodies gave me small amounts of money to spend on my clients. The giddy heights of success!

The ever popular cabbage.
The ever popular cabbage.

So now, when I am not driving on the rather wonderful autobahn, drinking beer, eating cabbage or sampling sausage, I write. My goal is to one day earn a living by writing, either via Copywriting or, heaven forbid, some other form of writing.

On these pages I have attempted to share with you some of my loves, joys, challenges, thoughts and observations in an appealing way. I hope you enjoy reading my writing. All the best,

An Australian Alien.



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